Welcome to Circle Treatment Center. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and to provide you with the necessary help that you may need.

People seek help because they believe that they have a problem and would like an objective opinion to help them work it through. Our fundamental mission is to serve individuals, families and adolescents who are unsuccessfully trying to solve their problems by using alcohol or drugs. Our programs are designed to help the individual through the process of recovery while he/she continues as a contributing member of the community.

Circle Treatment Center has a strong commitment to building partnerships. We focus on the shared vision of helping people begin to make healthy decisions to take hold of life once again without the use of alcohol or other mood altering chemicals.

If you or anyone you know is questioning whether alcohol or drug use is negatively affecting his/her life please give us a call at 301-258-2626. We can help. Treatment works.

Treatment Works!

Circle Treatment Center - 301-258-2626
E-mail: contact@circletreatment.com

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People Change when they Experience Hope that Change Can Come About.